Corporate Social Responsibility

Zecon Group’s Report on CSR


Caring comes naturally for the Zecon Group of companies. We have always believed that the way towards a sustainable business is to strike a balance between profitability and our socialresponsibility. Whether it is employee welfare, fulfilling our responsibilities to our various constituencies in the marketplace, improving the quality of life in the community or ensuring that the benefits of our business activities are not negated by any adverse effects on the environment, these are the fundamental elements of the Zecon Group’s road map to sustainability. Building on this rich tradition of caring, a holistic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is something we practice on a daily basis and is always given due importance alongside mainstream business issues.

Since 2013, Zecon CSR programmes were designed to build strong bond among the staffs and at the same time to contribute to the society. Among the initiatives undertaken are Blood Donation Programme by Normah Medical Center, Majlis Berbuka Puasa and Solat Terawih with Children from Yayasan Kemajuan Ihsan Sarawak (YAKIN), Recycled Week and sponsoring Puteri Berkaya Sri Urai team in Sarawak Regatta 2013. Furthermore was the first time we introduced an excellence award that awarded the children of Zecon staffs who scored excellent results in public examinations.