Corporate Social Responsibility

Zecon Berhad’s CSR Statement

ZECON’S CSR Definition

ZECON’s CSR is a commitment involving a series of voluntary initiatives which will benefit the local society, environment and workplace where our organization operates. ZECON’S CSR forms an integral part of our organization’s business processes and corporate strategies; it goes beyond charity, corporate press coverage and simply compliance of law. ZECON’S CSR involves stakeholders and the commitment of the entire organisation’s workforce.

ZECON’S CSR Objectives

  • To be an organization trusted by society
  • To enrich our society and protect the environment in which we operate by carrying out our operations responsibly
  • To improve our working environment by respecting diversity and human rights, offering equal opportunity and eradicating discrimination, all for improving the integrity of our workforce
  • In a long run, to achieve brand recognition and tangible financial value (profitability and investment potential) through a successfully implemented CSR Programme

ZECON CSR Initiatives

  • Awarding children of the staffs in achieving excellent results in public examinations.
  • Providing academic excellence awards to encourage top achievers of UNIMAS in Faculty of Engineering for the past 12 years.
  • Sponsoring Puteri Berkaya Sri Urai team that represented Kampung Lintang in Sarawak Regatta and they won the title of Raja Sungai in 2012.
  • Continuing to provide Workplace Training for students of local universities under Industrial Training Programme.
  • Maintaining our Tree Planting event as part of our overall green campaign.

ZECON’S CSR Monitoring and Reporting

  • CSR manager to monitor and document CSR activities and development systematically
  • To produce annual CSR Report for the review and adoption of Zecon Berhad’s Board of Directors
  • To disclose CSR Statement, activities and prospects in the Annual Report