Support Division

Information Technology

Akin to a traveler’s reliable guide, our IT Division makes sense of the overwhelming battery of technologies that sweeps our way every so often. They cover a broad range of technical support. These areas include:

  • Setup and maintenance of high-speed Internet connections & networking systems
  • 24/7 remote support for all information & communications devices and applications
  • Setup of security & automation systems
  • Safeguarding of all digital & electronic data
  • Consultation on IT deployment
  • Crisis management and disaster recovery
  • Setup and configuration of computers
  • In-house IT training

The IT Division also works in tandem with appointed consultants and vendors to deploy new applications, which include:

  • A state-of-the-art Human Resource Management (HRM) system which goes beyond recording basic employee details to enabling the identification, tracking and development of key skills and technical experience portfolio
  • A multi-site IP communications system
  • A financial application which supports the entire construction process from tendering through to the completion of projects
  • Video capabilities that render remote monitoring