Support Division

Tender Committee

At ZECON, a tender is conducted in three stages.

Stage 1: Qualifying of a project for tender
Stage 2: Invitation to tender
Stage 3: Tender assessment and contract award

The principal function of the Tender Committee is to see to the methodical adherence of the accorded procedures to ensure competitiveness and quality in the submissions. However, the tendering process and the subsequent evaluation of submissions will only commence after a project has been qualified and approved for tendering.

In qualifying a project for open tender, the Tender Committee and the relevant Business Division will jointly conduct a feasibility study on the project. Then upon reaching an agreement, the Committee will present the proposal to the Board of Directors for approval before launching the invitation to tender.

Tender assessment and contract award are also carried out collaboratively by the Committee and the relevant Business Division, following which all information and records will be handed over to the Business Division for implementation of works. From this point on, the Committee takes on a supporting role in the project by providing post-tender assessment to see to the orderly execution of the contract.